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Puzzle Hunt Project



I founded the Puzzle Hunt Project in 2011 and the Computer Science Caravan in 2013 to teach young students mathematics and computer science through peer collaboration and peer mentorship. This project aims to instill the love of STEM and encourage elementary and middle school students through a non-competitive atmosphere.


Programs run regularly

at SienaCollege, Loudonville

Elementary, Girls Inc,

Guerrilla Math at Central Park,

Science and Technology

Entry Program. More

programs will be added

next year.



  • National Center for Women 

      & Information Technology

      AspireIT Middle School

      $2,000 Grant for teaching

      underrepresented girls

      computer science


  • Puzzle Hunt Prizes donated

      by Wolfram Alpha, Mathematical

      Association of America (MAA),

      and National Center for Women

      & Information Technology (NCWIT)



Talks and Podcasts:

  • G. Rusak, "Come Code with Codester", Keynote Speech at the 7th Annual Girls Summit, Ballston Spa, NY.




MathCounts Tutoring:

Starting in 9th grade, I began tutoring the Doyle Middle School MathCounts team in preparation for the regional MathCounts competition. 

My roles as a mentor:

  • Develop problem sets for students by topic (i.e. probability, geometry, etc.).

  • Volunteer once a week for one and a half hours, tutoring.

  • Encourage struggling students.

  • Lead group discussions.

  • Give students appropriate

      problems for their skill level.


The Doyle MathCounts team has

improved from 15th place the first

year to 9th place last year at the

local MathCounts Regional Fair.


Albany Area Math Circle


The Math Circle meets once a week. Students from all over the Albany, New York Capital Region meet together to solve and discuss math problems. Younger students are mentored by older students.


I have been a member of the Albany Area Math Circle for 6 years. For the past 4 years, I have been an active mentor and leader to students both younger and older than me. I hold the leading role of the Albany Area Math Circle A team; traveling to prestigious math competitions since 8th grade.

My roles as a leader:

  • Organize problems for weekly meetings.

  • Schedule outside of Math Circle Team Meetings for the travel team that participates in prestigious math competitions.

  • Lead active discussions among peers and middle school students.

  • Coordinate transportation and lodging to travel competitions.

  • Run Puzzle Hunt events.

  • Tutor middle school students for the MathCounts competition.













Shaker High School Leadership


3/2013               School Ambassador - Digigirlz Microsoft Technological

                          Program for High School Girls, University at Albany

2013-present     Visions Editorial Committee - Organize the literary

                          magazine, Shaker High School

3/2012               Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program,

                          Outstanding Leadership abilities, Shaker High School

1/2012               Student Representative - SUMiT Math Challenge, MIT

2011-2012      Peer tutoring in math in Mrs. Battaglia’s Geometry

                          class, Shaker High School

2011-present     Russian Olympiada Club member, Shaker High School


2014                  Joseph and Elaine Quinn Junior Award in Russian


2014                  The Research Junior Award in English

2014                  Student of the Month in English: January

2012-present     Shaker High School High Honor Roll

2012                  Student of the Month Award





Colonie Youth Court


The Colonie Youth Court: The goal of the Youth Court is to present first-time offender teens to a court of their peers. "Youth Court is a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for young people who have committed a crime or an offense. The goal of Youth Court is to intervene in early anti-social, delinquent, and criminal behavior, and to reduce the incidence and prevent the escalation of such behavior," Colonie Youth Court.

My roles as a Youth Court Member:

  • Completed an intensive 3 month Youth Court training session

  • Volunteer as Judge, Prosecutor, Defender, Clerk, Jury Foreperson, and Victim Advocate

  • Help first time offender peers get back on track and distance themselves from the world of crime

  • Encourage these offenders to make more better decisions in the future and personally influence them as a positive role model




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